The Churches of Sherwood Forest


Join us on a journey around Sherwood Forest. Learn about it’s history, Robin Hood, and our beautiful churches…


Today's Sherwood Forest is what remains of one of the Royal Forests of old. Traditionally the home of Robin Hood, and his merry band of outlaws. Travellers went in convoys for protection. The thick vegetation was perfect for outlaws to hide from anyone trying to find them. Today it is regarded as a site of special scientific interest (SSSI). The forest includes its own Visitors Center opened by the RSPB, in association with a variety of other stakeholders. So come join in, with activities and events. Including at the Robin Hood Festival.

Our historical churches

All Saints


Built for the Miners of Clipstone, All Saints hosts a large amount of mining history. With artefacts and historical objects from our past. Its as if it has it’s own museum of history and culture build into it.

St. Mary's


In the centre of Edwinstowe, it is the heart of the story of Robin Hood. Where it is said they got married in St. Mary’s. Tourists annually visit the site which is rich in both history and culture

St. John's


St. Johns with its farming backdrop and surrounded by wildlife and forest Its perfect for walkers and sight seers alike. Especially on a misty morning when the sun is rising. 

Special Services

At St. Mary’s we are proud of our place in the history of Sherwood. We can offer a variety of special services and on occasion their is a chance to meet our special friend Tilly the donkey. Tilly joins us to enhance our nativity story and the Palm Sunday procession. So bring your carrot if you plan to join us!

Historical Roots

Are you looking for a tour around St. Mary’s Church, and in need of a short talk about our history and surrounding area?  Then you may wish to meet our resident medieval archer, armed with historically accurate weaponry, and willing to tell you all about Robin Hood. we can accommodate small large or school groups, including societies. Get in contact for more information. 


Many visitors come to our church as a result of the phrase – According to Legend it was here Robin Hood married his Lady Marian. Guided tours of our church are available by arrangement either for small or large parties.
Unlike what you may have been told by Hollywood there is a lot more to the story than what you might think, its not just about robbing the rich and giving the the poor. come join and find out what life was like back when Robin Hood lived. Come take a step into history.


Sherwood Forest, a 450-acre nature reserve, is home to the well-loved veteran oak tree the Major Oak, which is known throughout the world for its connection to Nottinghamshire’s legendary hero Robin Hood. Sherwood Forest is located near the village of Edwinstowe in north Nottinghamshire, and the large English oak is thought to be between 800 and 1,000 years old. Legend has it that the ancient oak not only provided Robin Hood with shelter, it was also the place where he and his Merry Men slept. You can see the oak whenever the nearby Sherwood Forest Visitor Center is open. The Major Oak is a 10 – 15 minute walk through the woods from the Visitor Center, and you will be guided by a signed surfaced path making the walk so much easier.

Respecting the past

Within our parishes we take great pride in remembering and respecting those who have fallen in battle to preserve peace and security in these lands. We host special services by the various War Memorials linked with each church. Our community and visitors gather to pay their respects.